Steph Curry And His Wife Uniquely Dub Smash ‘Barbara Ann’ With Michelle Obama

If you ranked NBA couples, the gap between everyone’s favorite, Stephen and Ayesha Curry, and everyone’s second favorite pair (uh…Nick Young and Iggy Azalea?)  would be gargantuan. The Curry family genuinely seems to be happy, fun-loving people who do cool things together and have an awesome daughter who terrorizes her dad’s press conferences.

The latest example of “Fun Stuff With the Currys” came during the Golden State Warriors’ recent trip to the White House to meet President Obama.

At one point or another, Steph and Ayesha slipped away from the rest of the team and got the chance to meet Michelle Obama. It’s probably safe to assume that the trio had a rich, thoughtful conversation in which they discussed topics like healthy eating habits and things of that nature, but it’s much more fun to assume that the three of them had a plan to come together and do a silly cover of the Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann” in which they replace Barbara Ann with banana.

Extra bonus points go to the First Lady for absolutely killing this. While Steph spun around and Ayesha ran point on this, Michelle Obama’s performance is delightful. If the Warriors end up winning the title again this year, hopefully we get a sequel to this and the three do a goofy cover of “Good Vibrations” or something.