A Young Steph Curry Already Had Star Appeal In This Burger King Commercial With His Dad

01.05.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

We’re quite used to seeing Steph Curry in commercials these days. Whether it’s Sportscenter, State Farm, Under Armour, or CoachUp, Curry has become one of the most marketable athletes on the planet after a 2015 in which he won the NBA MVP award and led the Golden State Warriors to a championship. That adorably cherubic face isn’t hurting his Q score, either.

But Curry has been acting in advertisements since he was just an adorable little boy who hoped one he could play in the NBA just like his dad, Dell.

The young Curry and his father shot some commercials for Burger King in the ’90s, featuring the future best shooter on the planet wearing an oversized Charlotte Hornets T-shirt, asking his dad for advice on how to one day become a great basketball player before going out to enjoy some delicious whoppers. The ads resurfaced thanks to the Warriors, who played them on the Oracle Arena Jumbotron on Monday night during Golden State’s 111-101 victory over the visiting Hornets, and Dell Curry, who is a commentator for the Hornets.

Not that BK executives could have possibly predicted the rise of Steph Curry when these commercials came out, but the fact that they’re labeled “Dell Curry and Son” is pretty hilarious 20 years later.

At least we now know where Riley Curry gets her precocious star wattage from.

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