China Is Actually Opening A Museum Dedicated Entirely To Stephon Marbury

To say that Stephon Marbury has become something of a folk hero in China would be to vastly understate his levels of influence, popularity, and stardom in that country. After a highly-publicized personal tailspin caused his tumultuous NBA career to finally crater out, the former NBA star found redemption on the more forgiving courts of the Chinese Basketball Association.

The CBA has never been bashful about their love for American hoops stars, but nobody could’ve anticipated just how overwhelmingly they’ve embraced Marbury the past few years. He’s had statues erected in his honor, his face is on a postage stamp, he’s been the subject and star of an elaborate theatrical production about his life, and now he’s apparently getting his own museum, called House of Marbury, which is set to open in Beijing on Monday. Via China Daily:

“Today was one of the best days of my life in opening my own museum The House OF Marbury,” announced the two-time NBA All-star on his Weibo account.

“I couldn’t have dreamed this dream for myself although God has created another miracle in this life for me. Without my teammates, coaches and fans from Beijing this wouldn’t be possible,” he said.

Below is a tweet posted to Marbury’s Twitter account with photos from the unveiling that took place Monday at the 300-square foot facility.

Marbury has led his team the Beijing Ducks to three CBA championships in the last four years.

(Via China Daily)