Steven Adams Told The Rim ‘I F*cking Hate You’ After A Missed Free Throw

02.27.17 2 years ago
Oklahoma City Thunder v San Antonio Spurs

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Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams has become an above-average starting big man in the NBA. He isn’t on the All-Star caliber level, but belongs in the tier just below that thanks to his excellent defense, rebounding and ever-improving offensive skill set.

However, Adams, like many big men, struggles from the free throw line. For his career, he’s shoots 57.9 percent from the charity stripe, but is in the midst of a career year, shooting 65.9 percent from the line. That improvement hasn’t made it any less frustrating for the New Zealander when he misses, and on Sunday night against the Pelicans, Adams let the rim know exactly how he felt after bricking a free throw late in the fourth quarter.

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