Steven Adams Got Kevin Garnett To Stop Talking Trash By Pretending He Can’t Speak English

09.25.16 3 years ago

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Kevin Garnett’s retirement is opening up a whole can of wonderful stories about the soon-to-be Hall of Famer’s trash-talking skills. Everyone wants to hear the words he’s used to annihilate other men’s souls on the basketball court. Everyone wants to know how wild he was off of it, too.

One current NBA player, though, found something few other KG foes could: a way to avoid the big man’s razor tongue. Watch as Thunder center Steven Adams explains how he convinced Garnett he couldn’t speak English, in order to get him out of his ear with all those poisonous barbs:

Funny story, but of course Adams pays his reverence as well, noting how Garnett’s communicative skills were not just all about saying stuff that makes opponents feel rotten. He was also able to act as an energetic, motivating nucleus for all of his rosters, forcing teammates to defend with rare passion and five-man harmony.

It’s that intangible element that Garnett’s closest followers were remember most. A towering competitor who could vacillate freely between the smooth and the brash, the Big Ticket was undeniably a peak athlete in the NBA, but it was his personality that drove his teams to excellence. Such conductors of men simply do not exist very often.

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