Suns “Air-Out” Differences At Closed-Door Meeting

02.02.09 10 years ago 49 Comments

This is what losing to the Bulls can do to you.

Following their 122-111 loss on Saturday night, the Suns got together on Sunday to work out the issues at hand in a closed-door meeting.

“I’ve been on teams where guys don’t like each other at all,” Porter said. “But when we stepped on the floor, I respected that guy, and I knew he had my back. Some of that’s not present right now. . . . At times it looks like we’re not together on the floor.”

Obviously no one is naming names, and saying that two specific players don’t like each other. But from an outsider’s perspective it seems as though Steve Nash, Grant Hill and Shaquille O’Neal are all going to make sure that these issues are put to bed as quickly as possible. In a three-and-a-half minute interview, the Diesel said the phrase “man-up” twelve times after the meeting. Nash said that the team needs to find its confidence so that they won’t have any more “sleepless nights.”

In our post this morning about Chris Bosh‘s status in Toronto, Stephen A. Smith also mentions that Shaq has been asking around as to whether or not his name is popping up in trade conversation.

But as we can see with this closed-door meeting, a trade might not be the answer. First, the Suns’ problems need to be fixed in-house.

Source: AZ Central

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