The Protections On The Draft Pick Phoenix Is Getting For Eric Bledsoe Are Incredibly Complex

11.07.17 1 year ago

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NBA trades involving draft picks often involve some kind of protection, that keep the pick from transferring if disaster strikes the team trading away the pick, and will roll over to a future year until the pick is no longer protected.

Usually, the protections are pretty straight forward. A lottery-protected pick will only transfer in that year if the pick lands from 15-30. Other times a pick may be top-7 protected or top-3 protected, so on and so forth. However, there are occasions where the pick’s protections are far more complicated, requiring fans to essentially produce a spreadsheet to figure out when their team is going to get a pick (or lose a pick) in the future.

That’s the case with the Bucks and Suns trade sending Eric Bledsoe to Milwaukee, with Greg Monroe and a first and second round pick heading to Phoenix. The draft picks in question have significant protections on them, particularly the first rounder which might not transfer until 2021. The second round pick is pretty easy, as ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski lays out.

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