Terry Rozier Insists He Has ‘No Complaints’ About His Playing Time In Boston

11.08.18 8 months ago

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Will Terry Rozier finish this season as a member of the Celtics? That depends on who you believe. The Boston point guard broke out last season in place of injured teammates Kyrie Irving and Marcus Smart. He showed that he is definitely an NBA player, but is he someone that should be playing major minutes? Rozier of course believes he is, but so far with the Celtics this season his role has been reduced. He’s not the key player he was last season.

Reports came out that Rozier was unhappy with his playing time in Boston and teams had expressed interest in trading for him. Rozier was asked about these rumors and decided to put them to bed. Sort of. He didn’t seem disappointed that teams were interested in him, but he tried to play off his frustration with playing time.

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