The NBA’s Best and Worst Nicknames

03.04.10 9 years ago 125 Comments

There were two primary story lines at work during last night’s Kings/Rockets game: First was the return of Carl Landry to Houston-slash-Kevin Martin facing his old squad. Second was Sacramento managing to win a road game against a decent opponent despite Tyreke Evans having the worst game of his NBA career, going 4-of-22 from the field for nine points.

Lost in the shuffle was that Luis Scola might have earned himself a new nickname. Following a slick move where Scola (19 pts, 18 rebs) faked two passes around his defender, then dropped in a scoop shot, one Houston announcer called him “The Ice Cream Man.” (“Give me one scoop, please!”)

I could get behind that, except Scola would be the creepiest-looking ice cream man of all-time. But the bigger point is that somebody tried to come up with a creative nickname for an athlete based on something he did on the court — a distinct rarity in 21st-century sports.

“The Ice Cream Man” probably isn’t gonna stick for Scola, but if it did, where would it rank among current NBA nicknames? Certainly better than lazy handles like T-Mac, K-Mart and J-Rich, but not as cool as The Truth, Crash or Tough Juice.

Who has the best and the worst nicknames in the League?

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