The Sad Case Of Adam Morrison

05.25.10 9 years ago 18 Comments

When watching Lakers-Suns, any time they show shots of the Lakers’ bench, it is hard to miss Adam Morrison sitting there. And it is sad to see. The guy still has his long locks and facial hair, and looks as messy as he did in college, but as opposed to looking like a kid having a ball, he has a look of disappointment on his face.

Playing with the Lakers, Morrison has no chance of playing in the near future; and one has to wonder whether the one-time Co-Player of the Year at Gonzaga has any future in the NBA at all. He struggled in Charlotte, shooting below 40 percent in his years there while missing his second season due to a torn ACL. With the Lakers being so good, he actually gets to play mop up minutes for them, but shot only 33 percent in garbage time this year.

For Morrison to have any chance in the NBA, he needs to leave the Lakers and go to a team that will give him a chance to play. And as a restricted free agent this summer, this is no chance that the Lakers sign him to a qualifying offer of almost $7 million.

Personally, I think Morrison to Minnesota would be a wise move for David Kahn because with the Wolves are desperate for wing scoring. Taking a flyer on Morrison next season wouldn’t be a bad idea. For Morrison’s sake, he’s simply a good kid looking for a chance – a chance that will never arrive in L.A. (that is, unless he is traded to the Clippers).

What do you think? Where does Morrison go from here?

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