The Secrets of Kentucky’s Basketball Uniforms

02.16.10 9 years ago 12 Comments

The Kentucky Wildcats play Mississippi State tonight on national TV, and while you are tuning into the John Wall Show, you can also look like the smartest person in the room after watching the video linked to after the jump.

The video is a short clip put together by the Nike design team that produced Kentucky’s uniforms this season that explains every nuance and bit of inspiration that went into the creation of the Wildcats’ look. The days of just hitting the floor with your school name on the front of your jersey are long gone – every bit of UK’s uniform and design notes means something. And to be honest, Kentucky has always pushed the envelope in terms of style and design, with good and bad results. Remember their denim uniforms??

Check out the video HERE.

Who has the best uniforms in college basketball?

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