The Thunder Reportedly Thought The ‘Clock Was Ticking’ On Russell Westbrook Before The Paul George Trade

07.16.19 1 month ago

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It’s baffling to think that, coming off his third straight year of averaging a triple double, a feat most hoops pundits thought might never be replicated, that we’re witnessing the decline of Russell Westbrook. Yet, after a brutal shooting performance in their first-round loss to the Blazers, and a tough season efficiency-wise all across the board, it’s possible he’s already crested the peak.

Paul George could seemingly read the writing on the wall, and despite signing an extension with OKC last summer, he jumped at the opportunity to team up with Kawhi Leonard in his hometown of Los Angeles. That development, of course, is what prompted the Thunder to move quickly on trading Westbrook to the Rockets in exchange for Chris Paul.

As tough a pill as that was to swallow, particularly for Thunder fans, the organization had apparently already been envisioning a future that did not include their former league MVP. In fact, according to a recent report, the front office was already considering putting Westbrook on the trade block as soon as next summer prior to George’s request.

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