Tom Brady Wants To Quit Twitter After Seeing Darren Rovell Sing ‘One Shining Moment’


Darren Rovell has put some truly horrifying content on the Internet (being crossed into oblivion by Hot Sauce while wearing frighteningly short shorts, wearing a jersey with his Twitter handle on the back, etc.), but his latest contribution is so shocking, it has one NFL star and future Hall of Famer threatening to delete social media from his life entirely.

As Rovell awaited the senselessly late tip-off between Texas Tech and Virginia in the NCAA championship game Monday night, he decided to have one of his colleagues at The Action Network film him singing “One Shining Moment.” The results would make even the most hardened amongst us want to curl up in the fetal position.

With his shirt untucked and his brow weirdly sweaty, Rovell goes on prancing around the office for nearly three minutes, checking his phone for the lyrics every so often. The video is so disturbing that Tom Brady, king of dad jokes, threatened to leave Twitter because of it.

None of us who watched said video can get that three minutes of our lives back, but the thought of Brady being so shocked and appalled by Rovell’s video that he’d just deactivate his entire social media feeds is an incredible one. One shining moment, indeed.