Streetball Legend Hot Sauce Predictably Embarrassed ESPN’s Darren Rovell In One-On-One

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The Atlanta Hawks added a glorious new segment to their in-arena entertainment this season. They’ve invited local And1 Mixtape legend Hot Sauce to play one-on-one against fans and celebs during halftime and timeouts, treating the world to some of that signature ball-handling wizardry that made him a global sensation once upon a time.

As expected, these dribbling exhibitions never go well for the poor sap trying to guard Sauce (aka Philip Champion), and most of these unfortunate defenders end up on their backsides or otherwise thoroughly bamboozled. See, for instance, how this Hawks fan never recovered after getting the ball bounced off his face, one of Sauce’s trademark moves.

ESPN reporter (and Deadspin punching bag) Darren Rovell was no different when he tried to check Sauce at Philips Arena on Sunday during the Hawks’ game against the visiting Bulls.

Outfitted in retro Hawks gear bearing his name on the back of the jersey, Rovell talked a lot of trash beforehand, then of course was categorically dismantled as it quickly became clear that a significant lack of lateral movement would ultimately spell his demise.

Nonetheless, kudos to Rovell for being a good sport. We can’t wait to see what other celebrities they trot out there as fodder for Hot Sauce as the season winds to a (merciful) close for the Hawks.