Tony Romo Got Introduced As A ‘Starter’ During The Mavericks’ Home Finale

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The Dallas Mavericks‘ home finale is tonight, which means that tonight is Tony Romo‘s NBA debut. The Mavericks signed the now-former Cowboys quarterback to a one-day contract, meaning his final game as a Dallas athlete before heading off to a broadcast booth with Jim Nantz will come as a basketball player instead of a signal caller.

Prior to the game, Romo participated in pregame warm-ups. In all fairness, he looked like he had a general idea of how to play basketball, and it even seemed like he had some game! Not enough to play in the NBA, of course, but definitely enough to not get embarrassed during warm-ups.

After warm-ups concluded, the usual pregame festivities occurred – the national anthem played, the lineups were announced, all that good stuff. The lineup announcement was a little different than usual, as the Mavs announced a sixth player. It was – shocker! – Tony Romo.

Romo did not enter the game in the first half because the Mavericks are not going to let him play, which is lame. But in all seriousness, it is cool that Romo seems so appreciative of this experience. He did an interview with the Mavs at the start of the second quarter, and it did kind of look like Romo didn’t totally comprehend that this was real.

Dallas fans, meanwhile, were all about the Romo on the Mavs experience. His jersey sales were off the charts, presumably because Rajon Rondo also wore No. 9 for Dallas, and he wasn’t exactly popular.

Enjoy this, Tony, because, at your next job, you could be fired for farting.