Trae Young, LaVar Ball, And More Came Together For Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest Round Of NBA Mean Tweets

It’s time for the NBA Finals, which can only mean one thing: It’s time for Jimmy Kimmel to bring back his annual NBA edition of Mean Tweets. Ok, so, it means about 10,000 other things, because this is the what everything that happens in the league revolves around, but Mean Tweets have become something of an institution this time of year, as current and former NBA players, along with some other prominent folks in the basketball universe, come together to laugh at themselves.

This year’s edition was quite good, as it featured everyone from broadcasters (Shaq, Grant Hill), to current players (Trae Young, Zach LaVine), to LaVar Ball (LaVar Ball). It also includes Kyle Lowry taking his mean tweet to be a compliment and offering a big ol hug to a poster, which was very nice of him.

The highlights are as follows: Hill cracking up as he is reading the tweet about him, Khris Middleton’s smile after reading his tweet, how happy Kemba Walker got over one fan’s theory of why he draws so many charges, Kyle Lowry, how impressed Dwight Howard was by his burn, Spencer Dinwiddie’s soul leaving his body as he kept reading, Young’s face at the top of this post, and LaVine’s reaction. Anyway, we’ll see you next year for the next version of NBA Mean Tweets.