Tweet Battles: Brandon Jennings vs. Jonny Flynn

05.28.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

Tweet battles continue. This time we take a look at two rookie point guards as Brandon Jennings takes on Jonny Flynn. Who would you guys rather follow, Mr. 55 points or Mr. 6 OTs?

On the court, Brandon Jennings is one of those rare players who can light up a scoreboard, or depending on the Bucks’ game plan, strictly be the floor leader. Off the court, Jennings can only be described as one word…”Unique.” Like his game, he brings a certain type of flair to tweeting with specific personal insight, and a more personal element as he often sends images (like this one of his new Alejandro Ingelmo sneakers (


Jonny Flynn may be small, but you can’t measure heart! And Flynn brings a lot of that on and off the court (even in his tweets). Flynn keeps in touch with his fellow NBA comrades, as well as his Syracuse ballers and ex-teammates. Among other things, Flynn is also a big fan of the NBA as he often post comments on games that he may be watching. Flynn also keeps up with trending topics, and his comments are priceless. Case in point: “Keanu Reeves & JJ Reddick #sameperson.”

What do you think? Jennings or Flynn?

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