Tyreke Evans & Brandon Jennings Should Be Named Co-NBA Rookie Of The Year

04.27.10 9 years ago 42 Comments

Just because our site was down, doesn’t mean that we were out of the basketball world. This morning, Kings blog Sactown Royalty announced that Tyreke Evans will be named the NBA’s 2009-10 Rookie of the Year, with the announcement expected Thursday or Friday. But while we wait for the official declaration to come from the League, we thought this was as good a time as any to bring up the fact that we still feel Brandon Jennings is this year’s ROY, or should at least share the award with Evans.

A couple weeks ago you may have not been convinced, but what more do you need? While Tyreke’s season has been done since April 13, Jennings finished with 23 points, six assists, four rebounds and a W last night in Milwaukee over the Hawks. Need I say more.

Sure, Evans became the first rookie since LeBron to average 20-5-5, but his team won 25 games this season; Milwaukee is at 48 and counting. Sure, there’s a difference between the Eastern and Western Conference, but this is the NBA. If anything, I’d say that Tyreke has a much better supporting cast in Sacramento than Brandon does in Milwaukee.

For all the Kings fans out there, this argument is in no way meant to discredit what Evans accomplished this season. His numbers were nice. But for people to not acknowledge what Jennings did for a Bucks team that lost 48 games last year, would be outrageous.

So this is what I propose. There hasn’t been a Co-Rookie of the Year since the 1999-2000 season with Elton Brand and Steve Francis, and there probably hasn’t been a race this close since LeBron/‘Melo in 2003-04. What does the NBA lose by this? Nothing. They get two small market franchises showcasing two of the League’s brightest stars, and you tell everyone that you value winning just as much as you value stats. (And if you don’t believe that, ask Zach Randolph.) Let’s hope they get it right.

What do you think? Should Evans win Rookie of the Year? Should Jennings? Should they share the award?

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