We Reminisce: Vine Video Shows Allen Iverson Besting Dwight Howard

09.12.13 6 years ago

Vine videos first allowed us — before Instagram implemented a video feature — to take small video snapshots and then share them with our Twitter followers. They were a lot of fun as best evidenced by Suns reserve guard Kendall Marshall. A recent upload that caught the attention of reddit’s amazing NBA community, shows Allen Iverson pawning Dwight Howard.

Do you remember when Kevin Garnett started the practice of blocking any shot that came near the rim after a whistle blew? He, smartly, didn’t want anyone to get some momentum by making a shot even if it didn’t count. Dwight Howard attempts to do the same to Allen Iverson in this classic clip. But AI arcs the ball so high on his repeat attempt (still after the whistle) that there’s no way Howard could prevent it from ripping the twine. It might not have fallen as far as other shots, but it’s still pretty cool to see AI messing with Dwight here.


Despite AI’s retirement this summer, we can still marvel online at his preternatural skill, even when faced with the imposing presence of a young D-12.

Love you AI.


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