Some Warriors Insiders Reportedly Weren’t Certain Kevin Durant Would Re-Sign This Summer

07.26.18 11 months ago

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By all appearances, everyone inside the Warriors organization should be sitting on cloud nine. They have one of the most dominant teams ever assembled, they just won their second consecutive title, and they added yet another All-Star to the mix in DeMarcus Cousins. But like every great team that has achieved a certain level of success, Golden State is apparently not immune to what Pat Riley once described as the “disease of more.”

Staying competitive in the NBA is a Sisyphean task, and success is often fleeting, effervescent. A lot can happen in a very brief amount of time, and the league’s tectonic plates are constantly shifting and altering the landscape.

So it shouldn’t be terribly surprising to learn that there were apparently some folks within the Warriors organization who weren’t certain that Kevin Durant, who was a free agent, was actually going to re-sign with the team this summer, despite several previous indications that he would do so.

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