The Washington Wizards Tried Out Quavo’s Snowflake Emoji Pickup Line

This week, Quavo opened up on how he landed Saweetie, his girlfriend and occasional music partner, through a simple Instagram DM. Quavo dropped a snowflake emoji in Saweetie’s DMs in reference to her hit song, “Icy Girl,” and the rest is, as they say, history. That has led to many trying the same maneuver in the DMs of that special someone, including the Washington Wizards who tried the same trick to cozy up to the rest of the NBA.

The Migos frontman then retweeted the Wizards, who followed up throughout the day on the responses from all the other NBA franchises. Everyone played along and provided some much-needed NBA entertainment on a day with no Finals game.

The best response was from the Pistons, who took a page out of Quavo’s book and hit Washington back with a “what’s hannin then.”

The Spurs were on the right track here, but got things all out of order when San Antonio then responded with Quavo’s own line.

The Hawks, meanwhile, made sure to let Washington know that they won’t be able to steal Quavo’s NBA affiliation away from them with this little stunt.

Quavo, a big NBA fan, is definitely getting a kick out of all this, but let’s just hope it doesn’t end up with the Wizards getting hit with tampering violations. We all know what Quavo wanted out of that fateful DM to Saweetie, but it’s hard to say what the Wizards are exactly hoping for here.

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