Kent Bazemore Agrees With Under Armour’s CEO About Donald Trump, Unlike Steph Curry

The NBA has largely come out against the presidency of Donald Trump, but count Kent Bazemore as a fan.

The Sporting News caught up with the Atlanta Hawk before Wednesday’s Hawks/Nuggets game and asked Bazemore about Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank calling Trump an “asset.” Here’s a link to the full text of the company’s statement clarifying their stance on Trump.

Earlier in the day, Bazemore’s friend Steph Curry reacted to Plank’s praise by implying president Trump is simply an “ass” in a conversation with media members on Wednesday.

Bazemore—who helped Curry sign with Under Armour in 2013—sided with Plank over Curry. Via Nubyjas Wilborn of Sporting News:

SN: Kevin Plank made the comments about Trump. What’s your take on all that?

Bazemore: I didn’t even see it. What’d he say?

SN: He said Trump’s an asset to the country and he looks forward to him being a business-leading president.

Bazemore: That’s kind of what my thoughts were when he won the presidency. Have a businessman in office, because that’s the way the world’s trending. Even in the NBA, there’s more business and entrepreneurship in athletics these days. And I’m living proof you take care of your brand, good things happen to you … We’ve been living some stuff that’s been written for 200-300 years. The world has changed. The world has gotten a little smarter. It’s good that we have somebody that’s hip in that aspect to try to change it.

The way Bazemore frames that answer, it sounds like a “…but” is coming, but it’s not included in the excerpt we get from SN. You have to wonder if a reporter asked any follow-up questions about whether he actually supports Trump today now that he’s in office. Bazemore’s answer is also very brand-loyal, which is a good business decision for him. It’s also important to note that Curry likely has a bit more wiggle room on these sorts of things given his level of notoriety as an athlete. Put it this way: it would take a lot more than a dad joke about clever wordplay for a shoe company to cut ties with Steph Curry.

Keep in mind Bazemore was told about this whole controversy on the spot, and we only know his answer to this one question, so it’s tough to conclude that he’s all-in for Trump and his executive orders in the early days of his presidency. Still, he’s one of the few NBA players who’s come out in support of the 45th president, and directly conflicts with what UA’s most prominent athlete has to say about the leader of the company he represents. And, you know, the leader of the free world.

(via Sporting News)