What the f*** is this about?

06.24.09 9 years ago 19 Comments
What Rasho wears post-game

What Rasho wears post-game

I just saw a commercial on NBA TV for GWRAPS, which are … well, here’s the description on the website:

GWRAPS have been a very popular and useful style of towel custom made for Pro athletes exclusively. These players do not want to use the same towel as their teammates, they want the gear to be personalized, display team colors, have great size and comfort, and most of all they want locker room towels that they can lounge in, get treatment in, ice knees in, conduct an interview in and have superb quality that matches their lifestyle! Remember, the players always go First Class (cars, homes, clothes, accessories), why should their towels be any different. They asked and we created the GWRAPS.

So if you’re looking to pay $64 FOR A TOWEL, knock yourself out. Me? I’m pissed off that in the NBA section they teased me with a Seattle Supersonics logo, then when I clicked on the logo, it said “No products available.” Pricks.

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