Zion Williamson Got His Own ‘One Shining Moment’ Video

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Virginia and Texas Tech will meet on Monday night for the men’s basketball national championship in Minneapolis, a matchup few predicted and, due to their styles of play, few wanted.

There’s still plenty of reason to watch the ‘Hoos and Red Raiders play on Monday, particularly for fans of good defense and just generally well executed, but slow, basketball. There’s also Jarrett Culver, a possible top-5 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, going up against a stiff test for the pro basketball fans that need an interest.

Still, in a season defined by Zion Williamson, the most exciting college prospect in years, the absence of Duke from the Final Four along with three of the other top seeds this year left us with a bit of a void in star power in Minnesota. When the final buzzer sounds and it’s time for the “One Shining Moment” video package, we’ll surely see plenty of Zion and the rest of the tournament’s stars, but this truly was a season in college hoops that was, for the casual fans, about Williamson.

Luckily, Kofie Yeboah, on his Kofie Why? channel, has us covered when it comes to the need for one more glimpse of Zion in a Duke uniform with a special “One Shining Moment” that’s just Zion’s exploits in the tournament.

First, “One Shining Moment,” the song, slaps. Two, for those that will inevitably complain about the lack of exciting dunks and highlight-worthy plays from tonight’s title game, just watch Zion do stuff here. Williamson will soon be doing crazy athletic things in the NBA for whoever is lucky enough to get the No. 1 overall pick, but until then, we’ll be watching this and every other possible Zion highlight package to tie us over.