Zion Williamson Fondly Remembers The Time A 5’6” Eighth Grader Tried To Guard Him

Now in his second NBA season, Zion Williamson continues to prove why he was considered one of the most exciting high school prospects of his generation. After an abbreviated rookie campaign that was marred by injuries, Zion has been dominant through the first half of the season, even if it hasn’t exactly translated to much success for the Pelicans.

Still, his size and his ever-expanding tool set make him a tough assignment for just about any defender. That was especially true during his high school days, when he towered above most of the other players his age and was able to impose his will with relative ease.

That didn’t stop defenders from giving it their best go, and in arguably one of the best viral moments of his high-school career, it was a 5’6 eighth-grader who threatened to steal the show.

Bryson Bishop, starting point guard for the Oakbrook Prep Knights, had the unenviable task of checking Zion, and instead of being intimidated, he met the challenge with the type of disproportionate enthusiasm that briefly made him an internet folk hero. As you might imagine, it didn’t go particularly well, as Zion finished with 36 points in the 78-54 win.

But Bishop had already earned his 15 minutes of fame, and during a recent appearance on J.J. Redick’s podcast, Zion took the opportunity to reminisce about that moment and give Bishop his props for not backing down.

Here’s what Bishop himself had to say about the experience and the sheer awe he felt at Zion’s size and athleticism.

Props to Bishop for both taking on the challenge and having a good sense of humor about it in hindsight.