A ‘Madden’ Glitch On PS5 Showcases An Infuriatingly Silly Kickoff Return

Listen, if there is one thing we know about new video game releases, it’s that bugs are going to happen and they are going to be written about on sites like this one. Now that that is out of the way, please bask in the glory of this absolutely ridiculous Madden NFL 21 glitch, because it rocks.

The game, which was previously on current generation consoles, hit next gen consoles at the beginning of this month. Apparently, one thing that will have to be included in future patches is the ability to return kicks without some total nonsense happening, as we saw in this video that made the rounds on Twitter.


There are two things here that everyone can agree with. One is that this is extremely funny and also would be the most maddening thing on earth if it happened to you in a game of Madden. The other is that an NFL player should try this immediately, because that would be even funnier than this glitch, especially if the largely empty stadiums include commentary like “GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, BABY” that we can hear from our living rooms.

One frustration that people can have with Madden, in my experience, is that the game makes returning kickoffs and punts extremely difficult, if only because if they did not, some hardcore gamer would find a way to return every single kick for a touchdown. Still, this video makes it seem like the pendulum has gone a bit too far in the other direction in Madden on PS5.