Bob Odenkirk Blasted His Freakin’ Core So Hard While Training For His Action-Star Role In ‘Nobody’

Bob Odenkirk describes himself as a 58-year-old dad who worked as a comedy writer for 25 years and didn’t work out at all. But in his next movie, that body is going to do some ass-kicking. And so now we have a workout video that attempts to explain how that happened.

In a video Odenkirk did with Men’s Health, he details the workout plan that allowed him to star in Nobody, a John Wick-style action flick where the dude from Tom Goes To The Mayor kills a bunch of people with his hands and feet.

“It’s very different than everything I’ve done my whole life,” Odenkirk says, as clips from his turn as Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad play. “So I had to do a lot of training and I got into good shape.”

Odenkirk credited Daniel Bernhart for his workout, and the stunt actor and trainer went through some important cardio and training steps. There’s a lot of blasting going on here, both of his core and quads. And uphill biking in a mask, because safety first.


Odenkirk also showed off the basics of “screen fighting” and did plenty of different bodyweight workouts, as well as some boxing. It’s actually a really good routine, and the video has some extra tips about improvising workouts. Considering many of us are stuck at home and may not want to go to a gym, you can actually learn a few things from the video. But it’s also a nice warmup to seeing Odenkirk in action, which may blunt the jarring effect of him suddenly morphing into John Wick when Nobody hits theaters later this year.