Garry Shandling’s Twitter Account Has Been Revived By His Friends Following Judd Apatow’s HBO Documentary


Garry Shandling’s jokes and writing will live on thanks to the help of his friends, estate, and social media. The late comedian’s Twitter account has been reactivated following the premiere of Judd Apatow’s HBO documentary on Shandling’s life and his diaries, an effort by friends with the blessing of his estate. The tweet with the announcement should be a blessing for fans who were hoping for more or wanted to just spend a little more time laughing thanks to the Larry Sanders Show star:

“We will occasionally tweet material from the writings, notes, and journals he has left us. ‘Let life live through you. Presence. Compassion. Kindness.’”

The initial tweet was followed by three new posts that must come from Shandling’s writings and a link to HBO’s site for The Zen Diaries documentary. As Variety points out, Apatow felt that Shandling’s aim to mentor comedians and others in the industry was a driving force in his life and it reflected back on him from the names he helped along the way:

“I knew he was available to people and he was really kind and if you said, ‘Will you read my script?’ he would give you notes. But he wrote in his journals that he wanted to help people and he thought that was the win in life, to help people.”

Hopefully, the writings in his journal can continue to help people and give people a smile. The first jokes are just a sample, but we can assume there is plenty more to be released.

(Via Variety)