Loki Will Get His Own Standalone TV Show On Disney’s New Streaming Service

11.09.18 10 months ago


Loki may or may not be dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the god of mischief is getting himself a home on television thanks to Disney’s new streaming service. Disney+ seems to be big into bringing back characters who seemed to have met their end on the silver screen and Loki is no exception.

As the actual release of Disney+ nears, the service will need some exclusive content to offer people wary of adding yet another streaming subscription to their monthly bills. And Disney is hoping to alleviate those fears by giving some of its most beloved characters from its recent acquisitions — Marvel and Star Wars — a bit more attention.

On Thursday, Disney announced that Disney+ would have at least two new shows airing exclusively on the streaming service. The first would revive Diego Luna’s Andor character from Rogue One for a swashbuckling Star Wars show. The other, meanwhile, also revives a character who perished in the last film in which he appeared.

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