Louis C.K. Says He’s Been To ‘Hell And Back’ And Lost $35 Million This Year

10.15.18 8 months ago 17 Comments


Louis C.K. is trying to take the next steps in his, well, whatever he’s doing. That includes doing interviews where he tries to make sure everyone knows just how tough the last year or so has been for him as his sexual improprieties were made public.

Louis C.K. was accused of masturbating in front of women without their consent. The fallout of those accusations actually getting some attention was the cancelation of one of his movies shortly before its release date and a general shunning of C.K. publicly. But recently he’s taken to doing standup at New York City venues, prompting some people to walk out altogether.

The owner of the Comedy Cellar has explained why he’s let C.K. back into his establishment to perform, but he’s also popped up at other venues in the city according to LaughSpin.

“Good to be here even though some of you might not like me,” C.K. said during his set at Caroline’s according to the website. “All he said was he ‘took time off because…it’s good to take time off.’”

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