Maya Rudolph Comes To The Rescue At An Awkward Slumber Party In A Painfully Relatable ‘SNL’ Sketch

This Mother’s Day, we’ve gotta thank our moms for always being there for us — even in the most uncomfortable sitautions. In a painfully relatable sketch on tonight’s (May 11) episode of Saturday Night Live, Maya Rudolph receives a call from her daughter, who is at a slumber party of which she no longer wishes to be in attendance.

Though it is late, Rudolph comes to the party to pick her up.

“Kaylie needs to come home,” says Rudolph to the host dad, played by Mikey Day.

“How come?,” he asks.

“Her grandma’s having a funeral,” she replies.

Confused, the host dad asks “at 2 a.m.?”

“Her wish was for a night funeral,” says Rudolph.

In another scenario, Rudolph pulls the classic move, of pretending the kid is in trouble. The daughter goes along with it, telling Rudolph “Mom, you always do this. You’re embarrassing me in front of my friends.”

“I don’t care,” says Rudolph. “You’re coming home, young lady.”

“Why?,” asks the daughter.

“Because, I’m your mother, and I’m a b*tch,” Rudolph says.

Once the host mother is out of earshot, the daughter tells Rudolph “thanks Mom.”

The clips then ends with a special thankful message to the moms that have helped us out of awkward situations.

You can watch the sketch above.