‘The Sandman’ Audible Trailer Includes A First Taste Of James McAvoy As The Lord Of Dreams

It’s almost time to get “peachy keen,” Neil Gaiman fans. The The Sandman Audible reading (of the DC Comics/Vertigo series that began in the late 1980s and spanned decades) is here to haunt your dreams, and maybe make them better, and boy, do comic-book fans need this right now. That’s the case even though this isn’t the long-gestating TV series that will eventually arrive on Netflix (in live-action form) and was due to shoot before the pandemic. That in-process effort followed long after New Line Cinema wanted to give it a go with Joseph Gordon Levitt headlining, but the important thing is this: the Audible version of Gaiman’s creation is nigh with a magnificent cast. And you can listen to great Scotsman James McAvoy as the cast headliner above.

Fans will recognize that McAvoy’s voicing Morpheus, the God of Dreams. He’s soothing yet spooky in the process, though this is the very essence of a tease. We can also look forward to Kat Dennings (as the adorable goth herself, Death, although I feel that we need a visual of her in costume) and Michael Sheen (as Lucifer!), along with Riz Ahmed, Samantha Morton, Andy Serkis, Taron Egerton, and loads more talent.

The Sandman will arrive on Audible come July 15 while we all await Netflix and Warner Bros.’ TV drama to come together as the most expensive DC Entertainment show ever. Strangely, that’s happening on Netflix and not with HBO Max, but as long as we get a hefty supply of The Sandman, that’s what matters. After all, a wise man (Neil Gaiman) once wrote, “The only thing that kept me going was stories. Stories are hope.”