73 times. They said ‘Steve’ 73 times.

I saw the Jackie Jormp Jomp movie about how Kelso Kutcher kind of looks like Steve Jobs last night, and while I’ll have a full review for you soon, I wanted to drop in early and point out that I counted no less than SEVENTY-THREE uses of “Steve.” You know, just in case you forget who you’re watching a movie about. And I only started counting AFTER I realized it was a thing. More than likely, the real number is around eighty.

STEVE! No one wants to buy a computer, Steve! Listen to me, Steve! Steve, I know you’ve got a lot of brash ideas, Steve, but now just isn’t the time, Steve! Steve! Steve, are you listening to me, Steve?? Steve, listen! Steve?

“There are things I can’t stand in movies, that can be so easily fixed. I don’t like peoples’ names. …I’m gonna talk to you for an hour, and I’m never gonna say ‘Adam.’ You can say ‘Adam’ if you’re gonna leave and I’m calling you, or you can say it if your pissed — ‘Listen, Adam, don’t f*ck with me.’ But just to say it all the time… it’s sloppy writing. I’ll tell you a fun game when you have nothing to do: watch Titanic and count how many times he says ‘Rose.’ It must be five thousand. […] I think he even says it underwater. –Albert Brooks on Carolla in 2011 

POST-SCRIPT: Five minutes after I saved a draft of this post, I walked out of my apartment to go to the coffee shop, and in the hallway could hear a loud shouting match a neighbor was having with her sister, Gina. I know she has a sister named Gina because she said “Gina” at least four times, and at one point yelled “What, just because you were born two years before me you think you know what’s best for me??”

So, okay, poetic justice, mea culpa. Maybe expository dialogue happens in real life more often than I think.