‘Blow’ Subject George Jung Says He Spent His Time In Prison Writing ‘Blow 2: Blow Harder’

A few days ago I told you about how Blow subject George Jung (pictured here, in a shot I don’t have the rights to) had been released from prison after serving almost 20 years for trafficking glam rock boner powder. Now the 71-year-old claims that his time behind bars wasn’t all wasted making license plates and fellating gang members (actually, he was in minimum security so he probably spent most of it playing pool and learning how to sear foie gras), he also wrote a sequel to Blow. Kind of a feat, considering he wrote neither the original nor the book on which it was based.

George Jung penned a sequel to “Blow” during his almost 20-year prison stint … and his people say Hollywood’s already knocking.

The classic film starring Johnny Depp was inspired by Bruce Porter’s 1993 book about Jung’s life … but we’re told that was only a fraction of Boston George’s cocaine adventures.

A rep for Jung says his new book, entitled “Heavy” … will detail more of George’s drug smuggling missions in the 80s and feature some of the same “Blow” characters.

Not surprisingly, we’re told a movie production company’s already interested in the book … which comes out next month. [TMZ]

I was going to make fun of this (BLOW 2: BLOW HARDER), but let’s be honest, no matter what I say now I’m still going to read/watch the hell out of this. Hell, even Cocaine Cowboys had a sequel, and that was great. Turns out, I just really like cocaine. Uh, I mean movies about cocaine.

…Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something on my nose? (*puts on zebra-print spandex, cranks up “Girls, Girls, Girls.”*)