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06.13.08 44 Comments

We in the movie blog world are required to crave new Dark Knight stuff like a pornstar craves semen, or Brett Ratner craves nachos.  Really, it doesn’t matter how trivial it is.  Chris Nolan could film himself puffing out his stomach in the hotel room mirror, and the accompanying AICN headline would have no less than twelve exclamation points.

Comcast OnDemand recently featured two new Dark Knight videos – an alternate trailer and a "Gotham City News" program (after the jump).  They both made their way to YouTube via people filming the TV like retarded cavemen.  I’ve heard that if you plug the camera into the TV and film yourself filming yourself jacking off to you filming yourself jacking off, you can actually time travel.

Oh look, they already took down the Gotham news video.  See, the goal of advertising is to be seen by as few people as possible. It gives dorky shut-ins  something to lord over their friends. 

UPDATE: Ohad sent me a link to a higher quality version 

Now in non-buttcam!

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