Frotcast 125: Laremy on Lincoln, Angry Butterscotch Lady meets David Lee Roth

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Last week we had a real-live director on and talked movies pretty much the whole time. This week… less so, but we did discuss movies. A little. Laremy returned, we talked about our trip to Chicago, Laremy and I talked Lincoln, and Laremy talked Skyfall and Life of Pi, Bret talked Wreck-It Ralph (SO MANY MOVIES OUT!), and we got a lengthy visit from the Angry Butterscotch Lady. Perhaps the highlight was when the Angry Butterscotch Lady got a visit from Interrupting David Lee Roth.

Here’s a Steven Seagal story, submitted by a Frotcast listener (obviously, big “ALLEGEDLY” in front of all of this):

A friend of a friend was working as a production assistant on the set of a Seagal movie about ten years ago. At one point the PA approached Seagal in his trailer to let him know they’d be shooting soon and to see if he needed anything. Seagal had his eyes fixed on the final pages of a script and interrupted his question with a raise of his index finger, saying nothing. After a few moments of awkward silence and his waiting finger unflinching he declared “I just finished the best fucking script I’ve ever read.” The PA asked curiously, “Oh, who wrote it?” He replied, “I did.”

No telling on what the content may have included but I’m willing to bet it did not keep track of space and time.

That does sound like Seagal. We always like to hear your personal encounters with celebrities (ESPECIALLY Seagal, Danzig, or Gary Busey), so definitely keep those coming.

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