Georges St. Pierre is playing a villain in Captain American

According to LatinoReview, Georges St. Pierre, the UFC’s face guy sweet-boy dreamboat welterweight champion, who rules his division with a charming accent and boring decisions, has been cast as a villain in Captain America: Winter Soldier.  Meanwhile, word out of the Nick Diaz camp is that GSP only got the part because he was illegally greasing at the audition, and something seemed funny about his knuckle wraps. (*puts on “STOCKTON” hoodie, spray paints “209 FA LYFE DON’T BE SCARED HOMIE” on the side of abandoned check cashing store*)

GSP will play one of the villains, Batroc the Leaper!!!
Here is a bit of info on the character.
Batroc has no superhuman abilities, but is in peak physical condition in every respect. He is an Olympic-level weightlifter and has extraordinary agility and reflexes. His leg muscles are particularly well-developed which enables him to leap great distances with the strength of an Olympic athlete. He is an expert hand-to-hand combatant and specializes in savate (French-style kickboxing). He is also a skilled military tactician, having formerly been in the French Foreign Legion.
Batroc is an experienced thief and smuggler, who also speaks French and English. Although, as a mercenary, he does not hesitate to perform any number of criminal acts for his clients, Batroc has, by his own rights, a strong sense of honor, and he will turn against any client whom he feels has unfairly deceived him into committing crimes to which he might not otherwise have agreed. [LatinoReview]

Well that sounds like GSP. You know, except for the villain part. But I do like that one of Captain America’s nemeses is a French-Canadian. Who’s his boss, Gerard Depardieu? In fact, all of Captain America’s enemies should be offensive racial stereotypes. Maybe get Mickey Rooney back in his Breakfast at Tiffany’s make up, hire a drunk Russian like that one guy from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out – have it be like the It’s a Small World After All of malevolent, semi-racist caricatures. If Seth MacFarlane and Harmony Korine have proved anything, it’s that if you go half way, you’re an asshole. If you take it three steps further, you’re a genius.

And now, we go to Nick Diaz for comment:

Hopefully there’s a part in Cap 3 for Ashran the Mean Mugger. I’m not too familiar with the comics, is there a character whose only power is keeping it super real? He could play some kind of X-Man, whose mutation is the inability to give a f*ck.

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