Here Are 1000 Words About ‘Space Jam’

05.10.13 85 Comments

There are better movies than Space Jam. Lots of them. Hell, there are better movies within the genre of 90s kids’ sports films (The Sandlot, definitely; Little Big League, probably; the first two Mighty Ducks movies, maybe). But that does not change the fact that I love Space Jam like a loyal family pet, and that I will always stop to watch it — picking it up at any point — any time I see it pop up on cable. And so, please allow me to take this opportunity to explain to you why I love it.

You know what? I should do this as a list. People love lists. Especially when you’re talking about something from the 90s. Yeah, let’s do a list.

Five Things I Love About Space Jam

The Premise

Space Jam is a movie about a group of evil space aliens who want to enslave the Looney Tunes. In order to do so, they agree to a winner-take-all basketball game in the cosmos against Bugs Bunny and company, which, if they win, will result in the beloved characters being forced to entertain the masses at an intergalactic theme park called Moron Mountain. Immediately after agreeing to the deal, the aliens promptly steal the talent from a number of NBA players using a space laser, which the Looney Tunes counter by kidnapping Michael Jordan during a round of golf and begging him to play for them.

If the entirety of the film — if literally all it was — was someone walking onto an empty, unlit stage and reading that paragraph into a cheap microphone, it would still be one of my Top 20 favorite movies of all-time. I mean, think about that. Really, really think about it. Someone made a movie where aliens tried to enslave Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan saved him with basketball. And then think about the fact that none of that is the craziest part of the movie. The craziest part of the movie, by a longshot, is the idea that Michael Jordan and his family live in a development. I’m all for suspension of disbelief in movies, but come on.

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