Dwayne Johnson is Rockin’ That Ancient Swole Look for ‘Hercules’ + The Morning Links

The Rock tweeted this a couple days ago from the set of Hercules: The Thracian Wars (set for a 2014 release). He’s apparently been doing special training for the role, but as a mere roody-poo I fail to see the point. Maybe I’m just not smelling what he’s cooking, but do you really need to transform into an even bigger mountain of popped out veins for audiences to believe that you’re Hercules? It doesn’t matter what you lift—the only thing that matters is the kind of “ancient” accent The Rock uses. Will it be the Britishtrailian Warrior? The Trans-European Space Commander? The High School Play Noble Londoner? Or maybe he’ll tell all you candy ass jabronies to go huff your popcorn farts and pull the Full American.

[Via @TheRock]

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