New Dark Knight Rises Images: Bane Shaves His Pits

(UPDATE: Sorry, no more pictures, we’ve been lawyer-f*cked. But you can still click-through and imagine what was there).

Following their semi-disastrous Hobbit presentation yesterday, Warner Bros released these new promo stills (via the SuperHeroHype forums) from The Dark Knight Rises, which opens July 20th (and which I have in our Fantasy Summer Box Office Game – HA!). In case Bane didn’t already look enough like a mumbly date rapist, now you can see that his pits are shaved. Also, I realize they probably wanted to fill the frame, but no one fights like that, at least no one outside of a stage production of Peter Pan. It looks like they’re playing crotch tag.

(couple more pictures on the following pages)


Batman: Too cool to look at explosions.


Who’s flying the batplane?


Doesn’t a big wide wheel like that sort of negate any functional reason for driving a motorcycle? He’s basically doing it to look tough, right? I know we’ve come to see Batman like this logical, squarish-type character, but he’s a lot like one of those rockabilly jackasses when you think about it. He’s obsessed with bats (remember, it’s not like he got bit by a bat or anything). He rides a motorcycle to look tough. He always wears black. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a flame tattoo on his calf and a skull on his gear shift knob in the Batmobile.