Piranha 3D wants your Oscar vote & porn star Google results

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08.18.10 10 Comments

Piranha 3D opens this weekend, and while it’s so gory and boob-filled that they can’t show a lot of the good parts in their promotional material, they prove once again that they’re pretty good at the viral marketing thing. In this video, stars Paul Scheer, PORN STAR RILEY STEELE, KELLY BROOK NAKED LESBIAN NIPSLIP UPSKIRT, and the should-be-a-bigger-star-by-now Adam Scott begin their For Your Consideration campaign for Piranha 3D‘s Oscar.  It’s pretty funny.  I mean, maybe not now-I-really-want-to-see-Piranha 3D funny, but I applaud the effort.

At last year’s Oscars, did one of the presenters bodies get cut in half, where the top half fell off the bottom half like a cartoon?  I don’t know.  Didn’t watch it.  And neither did anyone else under 50.

Well obviously best picture, but why stop at best picture?   How about gun-toting jetski fight in a piranha-related film? How about best penis being gobbled up and spit out in 3D?

Hey, I didn’t know Larry Fishburne’s daughter was in this!  (*bike horn, pie to the crotch, cartwheels off stage*)

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