Pirates 4 may delay release of Rum Diary, because God hates me

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07.30.10 17 Comments

As if I didn’t already have enough reason to hope Jerry Bruckheimer goes missing in some sort of mysterious, CGI-related accident, it now sounds as if Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (“The One No One Wanted”) may delay the release of The Rum DiaryWe know Rum Diary is at least mostly finished and just waiting around for a release.  There’s been no word on when we might see it, but FilmSchoolRejects recently spoke to Aaron Eckhardt, whose glorious chin plays Sanderson in the movie, and he said this:

“I don’t know. I heard next year that’s [when] it’s going to come out. Johnny is making Pirates of the Caribbean and I think that he’s too busy to promote something right now. He’s working in Hawaii. I think they’re going to wait to put it out next year.”

Keep in mind this is hearsay from an actor, who’d be far from the first to know, but it’s not like I needed more reasons to hate Pirates of the Caribbean.  Although if what he says is true, it’s nice to know that Warner Independent Pictures and Co are at least planning to promote the film instead of just chucking it into a couple Landmark theaters to please the fixies and scarves crowd and calling it a day.  So maybe I shouldn’t be mad.  But I AM! I WANNA SEE THE MOVIE NOW!  (*stamps feet, pouts*)  DON’T YOU MAKE ME HOLD MY BREATH, I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY.  (*coughs up Cheeto crumbs, puffs inhaler*)

Hold on, I think the banner pic actually looks better with a chicken.

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