Sheen/Gibson/Bale Mash up: The Hollywood Rant Mega Mix

Well you knew this was coming.  Our video editor, Oliver, put together all your favorite insane Hollywood rants into this mega rant. The story is, I guess Christian Bale, Charlie Sheen, and Mel Gibson were all shooting a film together, and Charlie Sheen starting calling Mel a Jew, and then Alec Baldwin showed up to tell them how rude they are… It’s all very complicated.  Really, I didn’t understand it myself.  Oliver just burst into my apartment in his underwear one night, screaming about how he wants to “bomb all the losers” in Indonesia so the winners can surf there.  Next thing I know, he’s lit his fists on fire and is challenging me to “step into his octagon.”

Frankly, I think he’s lost it.  But right before he had a massive aneurysm, he popped the video you see here into the VCR.  It seems like it took a lot of work.  Say what you will about the guy, no matter the problems he might have in his personal life, he still shows up to work.