Taylor Kitsch Will Play The Lead In The Unnecessary Remake Of ‘The Raid’

If you liked Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, you’re going to love him in the English-language remake of The Raid, for which he’s in negotiations to play the lead. Oh the lengths Hollywood thinks Americans will go to avoid reading.

While Kitsch’s team has been pushing HBO and “True Detective” creator Nic Pizzolatto to cast him as the young male lead of the second season, they’ve been positioning him for “The Raid” remake in the meantime.

Patrick Hughes (“The Expendables 3”) is directing the action movie, which is gearing up for a January 2015 shoot. Coincidentally, that is when the second season of “True Detective” is slated to wrap filming.

How’s that for your conspiracy theory of the day?

While two sources told TheWrap that Kitsch is in negotiations for “The Raid,” one cautioned that the two sides remain apart on financial terms of the proposed deal.
Representatives for Kitsch and Screen Gems did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Brad Ingelsby (“Run All Night”) wrote “The Raid” remake, which is based on the original 2011 movie written and directed by Gareth Evans. [TheWrap]

Nothing against Taylor Kitsch, I thought he was decent in John Carter (underrated! I will go to my grave saying that!) and even decenter in Lone Survivor, and at the very least, he’s one of the least obnoxious “Taylors” we have. But, uh… isn’t The Raid a martial arts movie? As such, to remake it, don’t you need… you know… a martial artist? This is sort of like casting Shia Labeouf in a Tony Jaa remake. Or like casting Cate Blanchett in a big budget remake of Deep Throat.  Like, I’m sure she’d bring gravitas, but that role involves a very particular skill.