This Week In Posters Is All About The Rock’s Johnson

Senior Editor
11.23.15 25 Comments
We open this week’s This Week in Posters with this street stencil-style poster for The Benefactor, starring Richard Gere. Until I Googled it, I thought this was the movie where Richard Gere pretended to be homeless for 45 minutes and it changed his life. Nope, different movie (trailer here). Though I couldn’t tell from the poster, so, maybe it’s a little vague? These indie movies, man. Your plot isn’t the nuclear launch codes, it’s okay to give us a hint.

The close-eyed headbutt returns! It never goes out of style. Nothing says romance like two people rubbing foreheads with their eyes closed (the old “Hungarian Kiss”).

And there’s the Brooklyn Bridge in the background to drive home the point that it’s set in Brooklyn. Noticing a strategy difference between this and the last poster? In any case, I loved this movie, and that quote sums it up pretty well.

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