The ‘Nurse 3D’ Trailer Looks Pretty Interesting

I feel pretty bad about making you watch the trailer for The Hungover Games, so here’s the trailer for Nurse 3D, which stars Paz de la Huerta as a psychopathic nurse who targets unfaithful men, luring them in with her sexuality and then chopping them up with her accredited knowledge of the human body. She also has a violent sexual obsession with a fellow nurse, played by Katrina Bowden. Haha, don’t we all, Paz? Don’t. We. All.

Anyway, with a name like Nurse 3D, I’m sure you’re probably thinking that this is a cheesy horror film, but it’s billed as so much more. Basically, it’s a psychological thriller wrapped in a slasher flick, and it’s all rolled up in a fresh tortilla of “Hey everyone! Come watch these two girls make out!”

Nurse 3D hits theaters in the U.S. on February 7.

Vince’s Note: I did think it was worth noting the Paz De La Huerta stories from the alleged Boardwalk Empire insider from 4Chan that WarmingGlow pointed out yesterday:

I’ve told her stories too many times. She’s a crazy bitch. She would come drugged up to set. Would walk around naked (not that that’s a bad thing), she would shave her pu**y in front of crew, she had her period one time and asked the AD (assistant director) for a tissue for her “pu**y” and then she left said bloody tissue on set and in the bathroom. This one time she made a PA go into the bathroom with her and made the girl PA hold her hand while she took a sh*t. She would always be screaming and crying on set. Causing all kinds of scenes. Her dialogue or scene for a normal actress should take a few hours max. Paz would f**king have like 3 lines of dialogue and it would be an entire day. It was brutal. She also brought her black life coach to set. It was ridiculous. Unfortunately, I never got to smell her though.

Obviously, we can’t confirm if any of that’s true. Whether it is or not, she seems wild and untamed, like a lumberjack’s pubes. That’s what I love about her.