Put On Your Nostalgia Goggles And Watch Honest Trailers Take Aim At ‘GoldenEye 007’

Ah, GoldenEye 007. The game that introduced a generation of console-playing kids to the first-person shooter and accidentally created the multiplayer shooter template still being milked by games like Call of Duty two decades later. Honest Trailers and Smosh Games have covered a lot of good old games this year, but they’re rounding out 2015 with a true classic.

Of course, not everything about GoldenEye has aged particularly well. As they rightfully point out, the game’s level design and missions were often pretty baffling and the game looks like garbage, even by the N64’s blurry standards. Also, the multiplayer was terribly unbalanced (goddamn Oddjob). Probably because the whole multiplayer mode was tossed together by a single guy over the span of a month. No, really. If you want more interesting GoldenEye facts, you can get those right here.

But hey, all the flaws in the world don’t make GoldenEye 007 any less great. Once you spend 100 hours playing a game with your friends on a butt sweat-saturated couch, it kind of earns a permanent place in your heart, y’know? Now, if Honest Trailers really wants to take me to the nostalgia zone, they’ll hit up BattleTanx next.

(Via Smosh Games)

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