Did Manufacturers Just Leak The Release Date For The Next Nintendo Console?

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Nintendo has managed to fail upwards for nearly a decade now, pulling massive profits off its Amiibo toy line and mobile devices while dropping the ball in the console wars with the Wii U and consistently delayed franchise entries. They’ll have a chance to redeem themselves with their next console, the Nintendo NX, which may be coming sooner than you might expect. A report from Digitimes has Nintendo sourcing manufacturers for a July launch:

Nintendo in March announced its plan of releasing Nintendo NX in 2016 and has started visiting its supply chain partners recently. The orders are expected to be finalized in February or March 2016 and mass production will start in May or June 2016, while the console’s official launch may take place around July, the sources said.

The big question though is what games would be ready on launch? The Wii U pooped the bed partially because of a serious lack of decent launch titles and never managed to recover. Their Wii U Zelda game isn’t even set to release until sometime in 2016, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the company’s ability to do things in a timely manner.

Will the company continue to make the same mistakes again and again? Or are we looking too much into rumors of a release date that may have no correlation to reality? Regardless of what happens with the NX, one thing is for sure: Nintendo will continue to soldier on, making oodles of money off its massive library of childhood favorites in spite of their corporate disorganization.

(from Digitimes via Screenrant)