The Nintendo NX Will Be A Powerful Handheld With Detachable Controllers According To A New Report

For some time, the rumor has been that Nintendo’s next gaming machine, codenamed the NX, would combine handheld and home console functionality in some way. That said, nobody has been quite sure how this handheld-console mashup would work. I think most of us assumed the NX would be a box you connect to your TV, with some sort of detachable portable device.

Well, according to a new report from Eurogamer, it’s time to adjust your expectations a bit. Word is the Nintendo NX is, primarily, a high-powered handheld system, that comes with two detachable controllers. This allows you to either play the system like a traditional handheld or set its screen on a surface and play with the controller. Eurogamer provided a basic mock-up of how the NX will work, based on what they’ve heard (the actual system will obviously be a bit more stylish)…

You’ll also be able to connect the NX to your TV screen by putting one of the controllers in a docking station (the actual “brain” of the NX is in the controllers). Speaking of that brain, the NX won’t be powered by the same AMD x86 chips inside the Xbox One and PS4, but rather Nvidia’s mobile Tegra technology. This would make the NX easily the most advanced handheld gaming device to date, but probably place it somewhere below the Xbox One and PS4 in terms of power.

One more odd little wrinkle – apparently Nintendo NX games will come on cartridges. Yes, that’s right, a game system will be released in 2017 that plays old-school plastic carts. These carts will have a 32GB capacity, which is certainly much bigger than the things we used to shove in our Game Boys back in the day, but still a bit small compared to the 50GB capacity of a Blu-ray.

Of course, we’ve heard every rumor under the sun about the NX at this point, but with Nintendo set to unveil the system in just a few short months, most of the other chatter has fallen by the wayside in favor handheld-console hybrid talk. We’ll know for sure in September, but it feels like this latest report is the real deal. If it is, it sounds like the Nintendo NX is going to be great for people who like Nintendo handhelds, but maybe less wonderful for those who want a return of the powerful Nintendo home consoles of yesteryear.

The Nintendo NX is expected to launch in March 2017.

(via Eurogamer)