Is ‘BioShock’ Coming Back? A Teaser From 2K Games Seems To Indicate It Is.

BioShock and BioShock Infinite may have been two of the most acclaimed games of the past generation, but the series’ future is very much in doubt as this generation gets under way. BioShock creator Ken Levine officially shut down Irrational Games earlier this year and stated his intent to work on smaller, original titles, so is that it for BioShock?

Of course not — BioShock is a very profitable brand and 2K is going to do something with it. In fact, that something may be coming sooner than you think. 2K Games’ British Twitter feed recently tweeted this image

The image is referencing Eve’s Garden, a club you visit in the original BioShock. Hmmm! What could it mean?

Some are speculating it’s a teaser for the PS Vita BioShock game that was once promised, but it seems highly unlikely that 2K would bother putting any effort into a Vita game at this point. A more likely scenario is that 2K is working on a PS4/Xbox One remaster of the original BioShock, or perhaps, if we’re lucky, both BioShock and BioShock Infinite (don’t give me any of that “There actually three BioShocks!” crazytalk).

Of course, if we’re throwing out all possibilities, there might be an entirely new BioShock on the way, but without Ken Levine’s involvement that would inspire some pretty serious mixed emotions. What do you folks hope 2K’s teasing?